Yui Ukai

Yui Ukai

7-19-83 ~ 2-8-07

CS – 1


Yumi Takahashi

Yumi Takahashi

6-15-83 ~ 4-21-02

CS – 2



What caused CS to be suspected?   At age 1 year 10 months, because her speech development was delayed andshe was unstable in walking, she started being seen at the outpatient clinic of the …


Rosanne Dafne van der Starre

8-22-85 ~ 10-3-2000

Dear little Rosanne, shining and sunny child

You saw everyone and everything as your friend

Never seeing things as a problem too long

Joyful and singing you kept on going

Like a balloon you were dancing through …


Heather Leigh Johnston-Spears

8-23-77 ~ 5-23-95

Heather was born and raised in Santa Maria, CA. She attended local special education schools there. Her love of life and sense of humor captured everyone’s heart.

Heather had been really sick since January of this year.  …

Martin Alexander Seibold

Martin Alexander Seibold

8-20-82 ~ 5-20-02

 Martin_at_Party_mittel_small Martin1 Martin3 Masrtin2

Martin Seibold

We were his legs and his eyes,he is our heart.

Butterflies can’t walk

The little butterfly touched down on earth on August, 20th., 1982. God had sent him into a little village inGermany. His parents called him …

Alexander Blindslev Rossing

Alexander Blindslev Rossing

Age: 4

CS type: 2

Height: 70cm or 27.5 inches

Weight: 5.7 kilo or 12.5 pounds


Hi, my name is Alexander. I live with my big brother Jakob together with my mom and my dad in Denmark. Jakob is also …

Jacob Blindslev Rossing

Jacob Blindslev Rossing

4/25/04 ~ 6/1/08
CS Type: 2
Height : 80 cm
Weight: 7,5 kilogram


My name is Jakob. I live in Denmark with my mother and father and my little brother Alexander, who also has Cockayne Syndrome. I love my family …