Dimitri – born to be special on this earth bringing joy, happiness, compassion and the purest of love to give to friends and family. He was born on June 1st 1988 and is currently 26 years old. He loves doing arts and crafts, listening to music, going shopping and going on walks in the park in his wheelchair. He is popular,  with the greatest sense of humor. His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and cheese fries. His favorite singer is Celine Dion and hopes to personally meet her one day. His hero and idol is his younger brother Shawn whom he loves dearly. He is popular, and has a presence about him that lights up a room and touches everyone’s heart wherever he goes and friends and family absolutely love and adore him.

1991 at 3 yrs DSC00734  DSC011171993 at 5yrs


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