Marcus Benoit
CS Type 1
Born March 27, 1994
Stephenville, NL Canada
Age: 20
Weight: 44 lbs

March was born at 30 weeks gestation. He was initially diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but by age 3 the rehabilitation physician suspected CS Type 1, as he had seen it before. The diagnosis was made by clinical observation and more recently confirmed by genetic testing. Marcus continues to have a great appetite. He developed seizures at the age of 18, and is now taking Keppra. The medication tires him and we have had to adjust. Marcus thoroughly enjoys camping, socializing with friends and family, he dearly loves hockey and the Toronto Maples Leafs in particular. He has the greatest smile and the most wonderful sense of humour. He always appreciates a good joke! We attended the retreat in Texas when Marcus was 8. The Share and Care Network has been a great resource for our family.

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