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CS drug treatment on the horizon

CS drug treatment on the horizon

There is a ray of hope for a possible treatment for our CS children.  I had a meeting with researchers from NIH yesterday regarding a drug trial being designed to help CS kids.  Over the next several months they will release more information to us to share with our families whom I know will be very interested in participating!

This is one of several very exciting projects going on right now that I am pleased to be able to announce (and more in the very near future!).  The SCCS Network of CS patient families, friends, medical professionals and scientists all over the world continues to expand and is instrumental to accelerating research for individuals living with Cockayne syndrome.

Thank you all for your support!  CS families, please be sure that we have your current contact information in our database by clicking this link and registering http://cockaynesyndrome.org/get-involved/register/

Love to All, especially all of our CS Families around the world !!


Jackie Arias Clark

Executive Director/President

Share & Care Cockayne Syndrome Network

4 thoughts on “CS drug treatment on the horizon

  1. It sounds so wonderful to hear and one of my first thought was is Sasha eligible. Its a break through. The hard work in researching its paying through. May god continue to give the doctors, scientist and researchers the intelligence, wisdom they need to accomplish their studies to end or at least to help kids, patients with serious illnesses that are so painful to watch especially kids suffer. An exciting news indeed.

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