Jacob Blindslev Rossing

Jacob Blindslev Rossing

4/25/04 ~ 6/1/08
CS Type: 2
Height : 80 cm
Weight: 7,5 kilogram


My name is Jakob. I live in Denmark with my mother and father and my little brother Alexander, who also has Cockayne Syndrome. I love my family very much and I am always ready with a smile.

Furthermore I love to read in books every day and turn the pages over and over again. Thatís my favorite activity at the moment. Friday I go swimming with my little brother, thatís very nice. Two days a week I get physiotherapy in our house and that I love too.

I also love when my mom makes funny things with me like singing a funny song. I eat blended food, and my favorite dish is mashed potato with ham.† But I donít eat enough by myself so I have a feeding tube in my stomach. During the night I get tube feeded. During the day I have a walker in which I love to walk in.

When someone goes out of the front door I wait for them to come back. When my father comes home from work in the evening, I use to stand in the hall way, waiting for him. When he arrives Iíll give him a big hug. I am a very loving boy and I donít get mad that often. But when mom are brushing my teeth in the evening my temper comes out. I donít like that, but I love to talk a lot, mom says Iíve got it from her.

I love to tell a lot of things and I really try to say ďbrotherĒ because I love my little brother so much. Okay, not when he bits me, that hurts. When I drive in our car along with my father and when I am going out to get some fresh air, I feel very happy, but I really donít like to get the sun in my eyes.

In my house we have a big playroom for me and Alexander. We have a big swing in our room and we both love to use it and hear load music while weíre swinging with our two helpers Grete and Cecilie who comes here every day. When my father opens his computer I go crazy, I just need to open and close it all the time. Thatís very funny. I have a very good life and I love to be around people. Especially my mom, dad and my little brother. I am always happy and in a good mood.

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