CS type 2

Danielle was diagnosed when she was 6 years old in June 2010. She weighed 6lbs. 10oz. and was a full term baby. At 11 months she was still unable to seat up on her own or walk. She started to get therapy services at 11 months and still is receiving services from Speech and Physical Therapy. Danielle started attending school at the age of 3. She weighs about 28-30 lbs and is about 3 feet tall. Danielle is non verbal, but is able to communicate with sign language. Danielle had seen several specialist before being diagnosed.

Danielle wears hearing aids in both ears,glasses, AFOs and uses a walker and gait trainer. She loves babies and animals. Danielle likes playing wirh balloons and likes to be outside, but with her syndrome she is limited to just a few minutes out in the sun. She loves school.. of course because everyone stops her to give her hugs or just say hello.

We have met a lot of new friends with the same syndrome and our blessed to have all the info that was provided to us by Share & Care.

CSchild with cs cs graduationcs child

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