Faith Ann Decker

Faith Ann Decker

August 26, 2004-May 26, 2011


Faith was our second child with CS. Our son Zachary taught us so much, and Faith benefited from that knowledge. She may have been with us only a short time, but she had a wonderful quality of life. She filled our lives and hearts with unimaginable joy. She was a silly little girl who loved to tease people. She never knew a stranger. She loved everyone. (especially if you were a male with a beard) She touched people in so many ways and brought love into their hearts. She was our light, our love, our Faith.

Faith Kindergarten

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  1. Brittany Stilwell

    I spoke to her father at my work. He is a very kind and strong gentleman. When he was explaining how her and her brother passed away it broke my heart. They are very beautiful kids.

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