Age: 10
CS Type: 1

A little about me:

He is very girl crazy and girl who are 19 to 20 years old. He likes to carry a ring in his pocket, just in case he sees a cute girl. He is obsessed with money, cell phones, and pocket knives. People are drawn to him, and he has an amazing effect of people.

Jace was 7 1/2 when we finally got a diagnosis. Unfortunately, our story is very typical. Over the years, we saw many doctors that had no idea what was wrong. We have learned not to listen to the doctors.

Jace is very functional. He rides a bike with training wheels, and loves to pop wheelies. He can hit a baseball very well, but doesn’t run very well. He loves to ride his 4 wheeler, and his horse. He loves his dog “bagheera”.

Jace has 2 brothers. Preston is 13, and Dylan is almost 8. Jace attends a special needs school, and has a full time aid from the school for the deaf. We live in a small community, and it is such a blessing. Our community really rallied around us when we found out that Jace has CS. Jace is a local celebrity, and loves to hug everyone. Sometimes he hugs strangers, but they usually love it. Jace is an amazing little spirit that brings out the best in just about everyone he meets. He is truly a gift in our lives.

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