Alexander Blindslev Rossing

Alexander Blindslev Rossing

Age: 4

CS type: 2

Height: 70cm or 27.5 inches

Weight: 5.7 kilo or 12.5 pounds


Hi, my name is Alexander. I live with my big brother Jakob together with my mom and my dad in Denmark. Jakob is also a CS child like me. So we have a lot in common.

Jakob has a feeding tube, but I can still eat food with help from my mom, but of cause itís almost always blended food. †I really love to eat apples, but my mother is afraid that I might choke on it. But I really like chocolate and grapes.

I can drink milk from a cup, but I get more when drink it from my feeding bottle. Every day I play with my brother and I really love him. I go to sleep at 7 pm in the evening, but sometimes in the night when my teethís hurts I get furious and I cry a lot.

My temper also comes out when I sit in my chair in our kitchen and my mother is busy doing other things than talking to me. In such a situation I can scream very load to get a little attention from her again. The very best I know is to be close to people and talk to them in my own language.

Itís very difficult for me but I try to say a lot of words. My mother and father communicate with sign language to me and my brother. I think they are so funny when they do that and I love it.

We live by the Sea and sometimes we go down to the beach and look at the Ocean. I really like to get some fresh air, but I hate the sun in my eyes. But I love to grab in the sand and feel it on my fingers.

I want everything in my mouth, especially paper but thatís not so good to chew on. When I am tired and sleepy I love to pull my mothers hair around my fingers because it feels so nice. I canít walk in a walker yet, like Jakob, but maybe next summer my back would be strong enough to succeed doing that.

In the afternoon I read a lot of childrenís books with Jakob. We both love to turn the pages over and over again and look at the drawings in the books. I love to give kisses to my mother and father, and I love to give everyone I meet hugs because Iím a very loving little person.

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