Melanie Lora Miller

Melanie Lora Miller

10-24-90 ~ 10-26-97

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You’d certainly remember her if you have.
She’s the one who’s always smiling!
She’s always dressed for style.
She was engaging from the start, people felt drawn to talk to her
and touch her… then they would feel her warmth.
She’s wise beyond her years and she has so much to teach.
She’s taught us so much of what is truly important and valuable in life.
She’s taught us to appreciate a warm sunny day,
a cold crisp snow, a bird singing, the brightness of a flower…
All without speaking about them in words.
You see, Melanie is just SO MELANIE.
Her very essence is emitted in every smile, every touch.
You feel her joy and her strength just by being with her.
Her lessons on how to conquer the adversities she’s been faced with in her life
and still find joy and beauty and peace in life itself will be her legacy.
We are very proud to be the parents of this beautiful, inspiring child and we
are learning her lessons.
So… Have you ever met Melanie?
I wrote this the year Melanie died for her school yearbook.
Her legacy lives on every day…. we celebrate the joy she was to us and
will be forever grateful that we were given the privelage of being her Mom and Dad.
We are still learning her lessons and passing them on.
She was a beautiful child with a beautiful soul.
We are blessed.

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