Tomonori Wakahara

10-2-95 ~ 12-31-02

They came to the Japan CS family meeting in Osaka (in August) to meet the other CS families. He was the smallest CS child I have ever seen … at 6 years old he looked like a 4 month old in size, but he walked (with help) and laughed and tried to talk – like a 6 year old. He did not impress me as being all that strong (so far as his physical condition) but they encouraged him to do all that he could, and he started first grade this year (in April). He really enjoyed playing with his younger brother, Naoki. His mother dressed him as if he were 6 years old – not 4 months old! He looked quite charming the times we saw him (in March and August of last year).

Cathy Carrott, Jan. 02. 2003

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