Abriella McKinney

Abriella McKinney


Abriella is a sweet and happy little girl. She quickly showed her brave and SuperAbriella side when she was born at 33 wks and spent 7 wks in NICU,
followed by cataract surgery in both eyes at 2 months, feeding tube at 11 months, received CS diagnosis at 1 year of age. Abriella’s time is spent going to therapies
to improve and retain skills, traveling and spending time with friends and family. This sweet girl has touched many lives and continues to amaze her family with her spirit.


IMG_4906IMG_4960McKinney-Cutest Kids ContestSpring (13)IMG_6090

AbriellaFB32514 IMG_5548Abriella (37)Abriella (7)Abriella (18)

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Abriella’s Butterfly Journey

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