Bianca Krause

Bianca Krause

4-22-85 ~ 2-7-03

Bianca2_small Bianca3_small Bianca4_small Bianca1_small

It became quiet at home

Our little Butterfly     Bianca flew away.

She keeps living in our hearts. Our love will always belong to her.

 Bianca loved music. Her little tape recorder was with us all the time. Sometimes we went to a concert together.

 She used to sit in the garden, listen to the birds singing. She enjoyed riding. The Animals were part of her little world.

Go shopping, especially in Christmas time was gorgeous.

In general she liked being with people, enjoyed having fun. She loved to laugh and be happy.

Most fun for her was to go on vacation with her family.

 Bianca’s special skill was to make us all happy. She didn’t like people being sad around her.

The all too short almost 18 years were the best times we had. We are grateful we were allowed to have her.

Her Parents Steffi and Joachim Krause

Her Brother Michael

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