Natasha Victoria Belston

Age: 8 years old
CS: 2
Height: 32 inches
Weight: 20 pounds

My name is Natasha Victoria Belston but my family calls me Tasha because I’m tiny!! I was diagnosed with Cockayne Syndrome Type 2 when I was 9.5 months old ever since that it has been a journey!! I am almost 1.5 years old and I have had 5 eye surgeries to repair my cataracts, I wear contact lenses and glasses and I have had 7 hearing tests done and they have all been inconclusive. Other than all of my wonderful complex medical issues I am a very happy, fun loving and enjoyable little girl. I really like to play in the water and swing. Those are probably my most favorite things, but I really like to pet animals, go for walks, and of course play on the floor. My mom and dad love to go fishing so when it is warm out and I have a nice shaded place to go, I like to go fishing with them. Sometimes I go with one of my grandma’s though because mommy and daddy say they need a little break away from me and my sister Kaila. “I can’t imagine why they would need to have a break from me I am a sweetheart.”

I have a G-tube in my tummy to feed me because I do not like to eat much and when I do it is from a spoon NOT a bottle. I am just like all of the other children with CS, we have our medical issues but we are the kindest little people and we can melt your heart, except for the occasional moments when I like to pull your hair or your face. I really like to eat your nose, and I love it when you kiss my neck. My mom and dad take me everywhere they go and each and every day they give me lots of love and treat me like a precious little gift from god!!!

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