Nicole “Nikki” Jordahl

7/29/87 – 11/1/95

Nikki came home from New Jersey (visiting Mom for the summer) a different little girl. We didn’t notice changes earlier that year because they were gradual and you don’t want to admit that you see her going down hill.  However, we noticed that she, for the first time appeared to look old and tired.  Her hair had become so thin that you could see bald spots and any plumpness in her face was gone leaving behind taunt wrinkled skin.  Nikki did not have the energy she once possessed and didn’t want to do much of anything but sit. But none of this really had anything to do with why she died. Near the end of October one morning, Nikki had a seizure that she never came out of. We rushed her to the hospital where she grand mailed for about 2 hours then they took her to Rochester. All the time we never thought it was as bad as it was because Nikki was so tough that she always had a way of pulling through. Finally on October 31, the doctors told us that the damage done to Nikki’s brain was so severe that they didn’t think she could even breath on her own and we made a decision November 1st to take her off the machines and let her go.  We always knew we would have to say goodbye someday, but never this soon.  She was one of the kids predicted to live into her twenties!  We just thank God that she never had to know the pain and suffering that most of these kids go through. Nikki is sorely missed by her father Steve and his wife Nancy Jordahl; her mother, Chris Jordahl and her fiance’ Bob Wainwright of Howell, NJ; brother, Derek; step-sisters. Amber, Nicole and Jessie; and step-brothers, Scott and Bobby.Steve and Nancy

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