Brayden Mikeal Morris

Brayden Mikeal Morris


Brayden passed away at the age of 3yrs 5months and 5 days after catching an unknown virus that his little body couldn’t fight due to cockayne syndrome. He loved blueberries of any kind, especially blueberry pancakes. He also loved eating pizza until he had to have a feeding tube put in and could no longer eat it. He was mommas lil “bugaboo” or sometimes called “bug”. He loved watching elmo, wrestling with dada, and playing with his brother zacariah. He always smiled, even when extremely sick. Like many other CS kids, he was happy although he faced many struggles. He couldnt walk, crawl or sit up on his own unsupported. He could talk using small words but those close to him always understood him. He always enjoyed Lady Antebellium “Never Alone”. When he was sick or scared about doctors appointments or procedures, it would calm him down. He wore the cutest little glasses and hearing aids. Everyone who meet him fell in love immediately. His best friends were his big brother and his cousin Jazy. He will be truely missed and always loved.


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  1. From the minute that I met Brayden he stole my heart. He always smiled at me and when I would hold him he always gave me sweet hugs. I think he was flirting with me with his sweet little smiles 🙂 I still can’t believe he’s gone to heaven. I know his body is healed of sickness and pain and that brings comfort. He was a blessing here on earth. Brayden was blessed with one of the strongest mommy’s I’ve ever known. She was so dedicated to her children and while Brayden was here she was his angel…now he is hers.

  2. I miss bray soo much! I could never forget anything about him! He’s just too adorable to forget! He will always be aunt kks little baby boy! I love and miss him sooooo much!

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